Ain’t This About A Bih….

angel-749625_1280For every lie you told there was a tear I cried.

Disguising pain to save you from being who you really are, but I was the only one that really needed saving.

How does it feel up there walking on clouds holding everything over my head.

Stretching veins giving everything I had to make you feel me,

Ain’t this about a bitch..

You don’t feel a damn thing-

It was all in vain.

The perfect storm is coming the wind could damn near knock me off my feet.

In that moment  I hope the tables turn, and you end up under me.

I will not give you the satisfaction to portray you.

While you are drowning in the same tears you made me cry alone-

I will repair myself because it’s been a long time coming.

Sealing me because there is no such thing as you and me.

Do you know what you had now that it’s gone?

I’m just being honest.- HonestlyFrank



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