Actions Heard

walking-dead-1804421_1280All talk no action, low budget movies talk about lack of satisfaction.

Saying I am going to do this, and do all that.

Well damn the modern day Kennan and Kel.

My words my life is real.

I am human I feel; I hurt.

I don’t ask for pain; I don’t enjoy the torture.

What is my worth if I accept living in hell.

Hanging from ceilings expecting gravity to not let me down.

This was bound to fail, this wasn’t intended to be more than wishful thinking.

Actions speaks louder than words you made this way too easy. I called your bluff and you fell for it.

You never disappointment my fear of being disappointed.


This is the part where I don’t ask for a replay, a encore or anything for that matter.

Boy, boy, boy put the ring on a finger that you’ll lose everything for.

I was never your missus ,and all you needed from me was french kisses.

I swallowed my pride and you continued to make me cry. -HonestlyFrank



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