The Story

timeIt’s interesting standing on the sideline while everyone else gets to play the field.

I scroll down timelines and see everyone I know or knew getting married and carried away.

Makes me think my life has been stored away in a time capsule. I hope when someone finds me it will be in the moment of my time so I can jot it down on my timeline.

Always wondered if my mom feels that way; she’s strong to not show it, I wonder if she knows that I know it.

Every potential I meet I make sure I repeat

I don’t want to be like my parents; if it’s love it’s meant to keep.

When I say you should leave them; I contradict the exact same thing I believe in.

I surprise myself when I analyze myself I can actually acknowledge that I am one tough pill to swallow.

I use to blame my parents

Everyone makes choices, nothings set in stone, and it will all come together in the course of any weather.

Meaning I can’t let what happen to them taint what could possibly happen for me.

By now I should be saying “I Do” while waving goodbye to a few; instead I am apart of the few someone I once knew is waving goodbye to.

Life is comical I laugh to keep from crying, because everyone else would just see this as whining.-HonestlyFrank


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  1. larhonda says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this!!!

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  2. Sheryl says:


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