Little Girl Ghost


Fingers crawling up my legs in between my thighs like spiders, I only stood about yeigh high.

Going in my under garment the wrong way.

Nana made this easy for you without even knowing, because religious views were sworn to be more important.

Women aren’t suppose to wear men garments.

Deuteronomy 22:5-

Night gown after night gown you fondled.

Ouch that hurts as you push your fingers inside my lady parts scratching the inside with your claws.

I don’t understand my lady parts just yet, all I know is people like you don’t have this.

I assume that’s because I am only six years old.

You tell me to be quite so you can listen for footsteps coming down the hall.

You made me touch in a place I should never know you.

What if I tell?

Wait I can’t tell.

Why can’t you tell?

They’ll think I wanted this, and I’ll be in trouble.

No one will believe me.

Why me I didn’t ask for this?-

But you let it happen.

Night after night you made me feel like an earth worm in soil without any resemblance of sorry.

You knew I was helpless.-

You knew that you were taking my innocence.

Yet you did it anyway.-

You’re off making offspring’s by the millions.

And what you did to me is all I can remember.

You touched me and not only you, but your brother and another cousin too.

Preachers and saints are quick to say forgiveness is for you not the other person.

I have been struggling to forgive, and I get back to this question before I can attempt to try.

How can a soul forgive if it won’t gain anything back?

If I forgive do I get my childhood back?

Will God answer the question I’ve gotten no answer to so far?

Why me?

What did I do to make you want to violate me?

My soul has been tainted even with all the smiles I show.

My soul still can’t seem to let go.-HonestlyFrank


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