I see it in movies all the time.

People waking up to brewing coffee and sunlight beaming through clean windows to a beautiful view.

Makes me wonder how did I not get the memo?

When I roll over to an alarm clock shouting get up for a long day of work.

What is work when the check doesn’t match or total up to more than what I need.

Racing through lanes to not be late while catching glimpses of people jogging and walking.

My hair isn’t done; and didn’t give myself enough time to lotion up this skin I am in.

It’s the same thing everyday on another day.

Notifications blowing up my phone; but that isn’t any of my business.

Half of the time I’m screaming good riddance.

The day is now over for me I go home to prepare myself for tomorrow.

Another day another dollar, while the people in the movies lay down with a smile saying “Oh what a night”.


Oh what a night.-HonestlyFrank


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  1. Larhonda says:

    Love it !


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