Risk of Falling

love-2055960_1280Vibes are blissful with you.

Not much of a hopeless romantic these days so I have been told.

It’s not all perfect,but maybe you’re worth it.

I live in a place where everything is just right, and people or things changes and rearranges until I believe it’s alright. I share that place with myself and five other people. My head is that place; that place that I continue to let deter me from productive things.

I am distracted on so many levels, and here you come with so much leverage.

I am on a path of self destruction.

If I don’t stop the nonsense I hear, and always fear I’ll end up with no one.

Let me voice this to you.

I want you and I will fight through my place of overthinking just to have you.

I have to have someone like you with me. You better me, you challenge me, you’re the motivation for improving things.

I know this won’t be the death of me.-HonestlyFrank



One Comment Add yours

  1. Larhonda says:

    As a person who also over thinks this piece is very relatable


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