There Is No One Left to Call


There is no left to call.

Where is mercy so that I can tell it all.

Mercy should hear how easy it is to make a black soul disappear.

Black and White are just colors; but isn’t it funny how one is mistreated more than the other.

I am not saying it to defend what my true skin is.

I am saying my skin, your skin could almost make us kin if you knew what I knew.

He was only 15 years old, and wasn’t trying to impose.

There is no one left to call.

Can you even speak his name to mercy?

I dare you to speak it and explain that he wasn’t armed with the weapon you used on his black soul.

Why should his mother have no one left to call; because you let your metal enforcement get involved to interrupt her child’s life?

These are things I guess cowards like you can’t answer.

You’ll get a tap on your wrist from the authorities, and a pat on the back from a man name Cory thanking you for taking out that 15 year old nigga.

There is no one left to call to tell the saddest story of them all.

None of us are safe.

I am curious to know precinct from precinct how many cases are swept under a rug?

Even if it was drugs is a black life worth being mugged.

Chase them-

And get to leave no traces.

I am far from a racist

So please don’t twist this.

I am, we are intelligent enough to know a sorry excuse for a cop when we see one.

I am angry and not just because I am a black woman.

Don’t stereotype me; you don’t even know me.

That doesn’t matter to you from what I see you didn’t know him; but didn’t mind making him bleed.

Can’t complain about the America we keep, they do what we allow and they barely want to hear us speak.

I am over being scared to look a badge in the eye.

I am over being scared for black men, because I have so many that are kin.

I am over not having no one to call to protect and serve.

It’s really sad that we pay your salary for you to take out our loved ones.

This system that we only call a system; since it’s far from a system.

There is no one left to call.-Honestlyfrank


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