Arrière grand-mère et fille



mama joyceI act like you when all my emotions take over.

That’s my way of feeling close to you as if I knew you.

I let your name roll off my tongue often.

That’s my way of letting you hear my voice in need of you.

I have held on to one shirt with your face on it with holes and all; just to have you pinned to my heart.

I consider you one of my best friends.

When I have climaxed into a moment of despair I talk to you for forthcoming hope,direction,attention,and love.

I can only daydream about what our relationship would’ve been.

If you were able to see me become  who I am today; would you be a tad bit proud and say I am spoiled with a smile?

I miss what we never had.-HonestlyFrank


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