Bare skin with nothing else to show.

I never hid anything from you.

All the lies and all the times you did me wrong.

I stood strong.

In your corner no matter what.

How did you come to terms with breaking me down to nothing.

By no means was this my first heart break, but this was the one to break me.

Are you haunted by the nightmares like I am?

Wanting to go back and sit tight with no pressure.

You were the one for me.

This taught me a lesson that you weren’t the one.

I attest you know what you’ve lost.

Acting out of anger saying reckless things you know aren’t true.

You lost yourself.

Longing for moments, but not missing you.

True to self in this moment.

I won’t find myself loving you someone I once knew.

You lacked every level of gratitude when you constantly misused my heart.

Gone but never forgotten in its truest term.

Bare skinned with nothing else to show.

All the struggles of rebuilding me are being seen.-HonestlyFrank


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