Disowned Love

disowned brother

A day and four years apart.

We grew together.

Same blood doesn’t make you family anymore these days.

God hasn’t times changed?

I made mistakes I am far from perfect.

Your days are shortened when you dishonor your mother and father.

I’ve done that and some so I thank God for the life I am spared.

You my brother have crossed every line imaginable.

I grew in the same house with you so I know the journey that you have detoured from.

So you’re a man now?

So you have street cred now?

So you’re a drug dealer and some now?

All that gas you blowing will take you to a place you don’t want to be.

If you and yours knew better you would be respectful,humble, and do better.

Love is a beautiful thing.

Don’t forget the ones that loved you when you were struggling to amount to something.

Be careful with the things you put in the universe.

I learned you can never take them back.

I disowned who you are to me when you can call the woman that gave you life by her first name as if she’s Jenny from the block.

That’s my mother, your mother.

I wish we could go back to the days when we had an understanding of one another.

I saw the truth awhile ago you’re not that same brother.-HonestlyFrank




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