This Feeling Is Too Strong

cropped-cropped-elephant-logo-2-e1472151006736.pngThis feeling is strong

Never have the balance to get along when everyone says to move on.

Don’t you see I repeat that was once suppose to be me.

I rejoice for those I care for.

Don’t get me wrong, but damn this hurts.

I don’t even bother putting on mini skirts. I’ve never had a hard time being a flirt.

So I could never be called an introvert.

Blissful relationship they say, you won’t find better they say.

Picture perfect type of couple.

It all looks good on camera.

Would you be caught off guard if I told you?

We in two different worlds living on one planet taking advantage in different ways.

I keep saying this is just a phase and there’s no need to part ways.

Prayers get answered some days, but does that mean this is meant to be always?

I won’t deny that I am afraid and haunted by some of my old ways even a few dudes from back in my day.

Many cross my mind some days and I crack a smile.

Long time coming I must say.

I still haven’t arrived past that one time I broke down, and couldn’t really say why through the red toned skin covered in tears swallowing all these feelings that I couldn’t dare to mention cause see that would make me wrong,

and everything I have right now could be gone.


I smile for those who are growing, and then I walk to a room on my own and cry in silence

This feeling is too strong.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Larhonda frank says:

    This is a very brave one. We all aren’t strong enough to be this transparent

    Liked by 1 person

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