2731009273 (1).JPGHonestlyFrank is a woman with a passionate way of putting her feelings into words better than she could say out loud. The goal is to let individuals know that they are not alone in the phases of their lives. Everyone is human and goes through ups and downs. HonestlyFrank wants to speak for those who just can’t quite say it right. HonestlyFrank is your voice, pushes you to be possessive of every thought, and feeling you may have. Own everything that makes you who you are, be proud of the self growth you have achieved, and will soon achieve, Many years up to now I hid my words which are my feelings from others except for a few. Life kicked me down and made me realize I have something to say, and I am not the only one life has taught more than a thing or two. So this blog is to open doors for people such as myself who wants to be heard. I’ll speak in my own words for us all to relate and connect, because to be honestly frank I believe we all have something to say. I will also share my views on others who values being heard here on HonestlyFrank. There’s passion behind every tear cried, every short coming,and every laugh. People with feelings should unite and support one another and as long as I choose to be HonestlyFrank I hope to be united with you.