Queen of Tragedy


I am Queen

You can not do me wrong.

Kings can find me in enchanted rooms of gold.

Kneel to my feet to humble yourself to my presence.

Your faith in me feeds my soul of confidence.

Shotgun to my heart to blow me away.

Far from the beauty of a rose.

I rebirth everything I touch and seek.

Don’t ever mistake me for weak.

Tribulations made me strong. In this life I have been reborn. -HonestlyFrank

Awaiting Storms

frankfurt-1453426_1280There is a storm coming.

The kind of storm you just can’t prepare for.

You swift in with winds heavier than sins.

It’s 12 o’clock noon but the sky shows 11 pm night.

I did only what I thought was right.

Not much for drama to fight this fight with you.

You were coming to break me down, and what I think you’re mad at is the fact that you couldn’t break me down 6 feet under.

If your life depends on me crying and admitting I am lost without you-

You won’t live long.

There’s  a storm coming that my life was granted mercy to survive.

Maturity is shown when my response to your I hate you is I pray blessings over your life.

You’re not my storm to fight.-HonestlyFrank



What was I suppose to say when the look on your face didn’t say the same thing.

Chasing pots of gold to only find there is nothing there at the end of the rainbow.

It’s a drive with no destination and if I have no destination where will I end up?

I hear crickets when I ask you things like that.

Like the truth is a foreign language for you.

You’re not foreign and this isn’t a peculiar language.

This has got to be the strangest addiction of them all.

You’re my high and my lowest of them all.-HonestlyFrank


abstract-1414331_1280.jpgThe truth is ugly so you hide it.

Colors are beautiful and can create images of glory.

But you don’t like it.

It’s the colors of the wind that makes me feel.

The feeling of moods inclining me to new fornication’s of life.

Feeling one thing at a time won’t last long.

Joy riding to God’s creation of ecstasy.-HonestlyFrank


Risk of Falling

love-2055960_1280Vibes are blissful with you.

Not much of a hopeless romantic these days so I have been told.

It’s not all perfect,but maybe you’re worth it.

I live in a place where everything is just right, and people or things changes and rearranges until I believe it’s alright. I share that place with myself and five other people. My head is that place; that place that I continue to let deter me from productive things.

I am distracted on so many levels, and here you come with so much leverage.

I am on a path of self destruction.

If I don’t stop the nonsense I hear, and always fear I’ll end up with no one.

Let me voice this to you.

I want you and I will fight through my place of overthinking just to have you.

I have to have someone like you with me. You better me, you challenge me, you’re the motivation for improving things.

I know this won’t be the death of me.-HonestlyFrank




I see it in movies all the time.

People waking up to brewing coffee and sunlight beaming through clean windows to a beautiful view.

Makes me wonder how did I not get the memo?

When I roll over to an alarm clock shouting get up for a long day of work.

What is work when the check doesn’t match or total up to more than what I need.

Racing through lanes to not be late while catching glimpses of people jogging and walking.

My hair isn’t done; and didn’t give myself enough time to lotion up this skin I am in.

It’s the same thing everyday on another day.

Notifications blowing up my phone; but that isn’t any of my business.

Half of the time I’m screaming good riddance.

The day is now over for me I go home to prepare myself for tomorrow.

Another day another dollar, while the people in the movies lay down with a smile saying “Oh what a night”.


Oh what a night.-HonestlyFrank

Long Night

blur-1853930_1280Wishing on full moons, walking the tracks to catch a train at 2 o’clock to catch all my thoughts.

Heavy loads like buses confused on whether I am coming or going.

The many suit cases to move from one train to the next.

Stamp on my ticket heading to the last destination of thoughts.

My head slowly turns to look out the window.

What is it that I see?

My fears getting behind me.

As the train slows down someone approaches me to say –

You have found your train of thought.-HonestlyFrank