I am in love with the way this wetness feels beating against my body.

Something like being cleansed from all the destruction of the world.

In front of me is this fogged mirror that is just as unclear like the perception of myself that I see, so let’s take this look in the mirror shall we.

Let’s do this pros and cons thing.

Mirror mirror on the wall what should I see when I see me? Speak now or I will never have any peace.

I have been broken piece by piece, and all I am in need of now is who I’ll be.

I am wise enough to know what should or shouldn’t be done. I process my thoughts faster than I can count to one hundred. So darling don’t ever get me confused with the basic definition of a woman in your perception.

I withhold the most zealous stare for someone who can at times come off as nonchalant. My mouth is a piece of work honey let me tell you. I can cut you deeper than no other just by speaking; and then turn around and speak so humbly. All in the blink of an eye I can be everything you wanted, and turn into a monster that you created. Be careful with the way you look at me or talk about me. You wouldn’t want me to call you out the way I see you would you?

My blood line did not raise a fool. So what I am really seeing in this mirror as all the steam clears out is a woman who will never be defined by the likes or dislikes of you and others. I will shed blood sweat and tears just to show you that my mirror is clearer than yours and that you are absolutely not the fairest of them all. HonestlyFrank


I started to miss you today.

Then I started to think what was I missing.
The thoughts became cloudy the deeper my thoughts fell.
My consciousness started to mourn, but uncertainty kicked in to draw me to reality.
Why am I missing someone who made my heart an option, when they were my only option?
I kept trying to miss you because my heart feels like I do.
Why miss you when we were on two different pages in my book?
We never co-wrote anything, it was always you with them, and me left in chapters behind.
Nevermind what I had to say or what I felt only your words in your book mattered.
I started missing you today.
I thought of every single moment in a flash the good, the bad ,and the unforgettable. Oh how quickly I have been forgotten in you.
Nothing ever matters take that back all of your good is glorified. I never been good to you let you and them tell it, because it’s always been that way and I get left many chapters behind.
I started missing you today, and then I stopped because that was actually yesterday. HonestlyFrank

Graciously In Love

Princess Diana

I wasn’t born rich, but my soul is golden. I fantasize about fairy tales and sometimes they exist. I’m a jig saw puzzle figure me out. I can be an angel in daylight, but at night I have to fight the inner devil’s. I know i can love because I have it in me to do once I guess I love myself. You found me and gave me the days of my life to remember. I crossed all the wrong letters in the alphabet so nothing I do makes sense to you. The train on my dress isn’t the only thing that has a journey ahead. Save me from lovng reckless. I want to love you with care. I can be your Princess Diana if you help me not crash and burn even if it means the world will call us insane. HonestlyFrank




I am restricted in the skin that I am in. I am treated as though I have done so wrong in the past life. The one person I figured was my safe haven is actually my gate keeper. I watch you walk away countless times, I watch you explore, and I watch you live a life I thought I would be able to live. This is unfair sometimes most of the times to be exact, but there’s nothing I can do about it since I am a prisoner of love. So I watch you watch me sitting in despair. HonestlyFrank




Am i even breathing? I ask because someone or something pressed paused on my emotions. I see everything around me passing me when I am in the middle of the street. This feeling I have I feel numb. I see you but I can’t feel you. A guy laid me down and I felt nothing in the moment. Tears fell from my eyes in the act of chaos. He wants me to feel but he looks in my eyes and realize I am not even there in the moment. Please see what I think and what I feel, but I am not feeling any feelings so that explains why you can’t see me. Everything is happening so fast collision after collision and I feel no impact. I am a victim of my past, and anything I have ever felt is not a feeling at all._HonestlyFrank




Drag me through the blood of someone I once loved.

I recollect that I been through this war before.
I battled my way from hell to heaven, and back to hell again.
There was never time to make a mends.
I never really cared to if I have to be open.
I am strong they say, but I continue to look for a savior.
The only savior that I should be waiting on is me.